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Mini skirts ........................?
When wearing short skirts do you pretend you hate it when men stare at your legs?

mini-skirts make me feel confident
Hey! I hope all ladies were like u... lol

Sone really hate them...
Mini skirts ........................?
When wearing short skirts do you pretend you hate it when men stare at your legs?

mini-skirts make me feel confident
Ya its normal hunni.:)
Why do I like mini skirts and long hair on legs so very much?
I mean unless the girl is chubby I worship girls that can show off mini and have nicehair. Anyone care to explain the psychology?
maybe you admire how confident they are for not caring if they have hairs and being able to show of their body
Should a girl wiht skinny legs wear shorts and mini skirts?
should a girl with skinny legs wear short pants and skirts or wuld it lk bad?
Shorts and mini skirts with short legs = Yes!
If the legs on the shorts are too big, they will balloon out and someone can see your undies when you sit. Have fun !
Wearing mini skirts, heels, showing legs etc?
Why can't men resist mini skirts? Why are they so into mini skirts like no other piece of clothing?
Heather, Heather, my instincts tell me that in another time and place you are a lady who could get me in trouble. I have been staring at/up mini skirts for over five decades. I'm sure fashion designers have all sorts of egotistical ideas as to why men like miniskirts. The reality is that we like women's legs. Heels give the illusion that those legs are longer, which is seductive. Most men also like the notion that if a lady in a miniskirt would just move her legs a bit more they could see something really good. It has always amazed me that you ladies can sit on a bus or subway and at best reveal panties through which nothing can be seen. It is not what we can see, it is the intrigue of what we might see. That is why men like almost any lady in a miniskirt. Men are not particularly attracted to the legs of a chubby lady in a miniskirt, it's about what they might see.
I have hairy legs. So is it OK to wear shorts and mini skirts with hairy legs? especially shorts?
or else i can shave my legs. But my hands are kinda hairy too. is it OK to shave my legs without shaving my hands? i mean isn't that weird to see a girl with shaved legs and hairy hands? O.o what should i do? Shorts are my favorite. :( should i stop wearing them?

No horrible answers please :)
K so here's the thing.
I used to be exactly like you

hairy arms and legs (except it wasn't black and noticible)

so I started shaving my legs... I now regret it so much because I have to shave my legs like everyday so DONT SHAVE!
I'm going to try veet shaving cream becase all my friends had success with that so I suggest you veet your legs. As for my arms I never shaves them. And if your like me and can't stand the thought of waxing.. Well i've been epilating my arms for years now and this little piece of machinery is awaeum!! You can get them from like 40 bucks and they last forever. A piece of warning tho at first it hurts but you get used to it and it doesn't hurt like waxing does.

And the reason I don't epilate my legs is becuse it's OK to have a bit of hair on your arms and to epilate, the hair has to be there. Not horribly long but it still has to be There a bit.

So yea

Veet for legs and epilator for arms :)

lmao sorry for dragging on
Why do girls sit with wide legs in a mini skirt?
She sat on my hand with bare legs in mini skirt before. Then she sits with wide legs in a mini skirt. I accidentally made it obvious I was looking. Does she appreciate me looking?
its called flirting
Do mini skirts look good on girls with athletic legs?
I am just wondering. I never thought they looked great on me, but I don't know....
nothing worse seeing man legs in a skirt

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