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Ok im a 15 year old guy and i am fascinated at looking at hairy/older men. is there a problem with me?
like ever since i was in 4th grade i love watching older men and sometimes i'll have fantasies about being with one of them. like some of my male teachers. am i gay?
You're at an age where a stiff breeze can excite you, lol, but that doesn't answer your question, does it?
It's not unusual for teens to fantasize about older members of the same, or both, sexes and what you'd like to do and have done to you. It's actually to be expected because you are developing the ideas for both what "interests" as well as what you hope for your own appearance. You may not end up looking like what you hope you will, but it's part of the developmental process. The same thing can be said for the appearance of future sex partners.
As to the actual question of whether or not you're gay, that's going to take a bit longer. It's expected that you will experiment with friends both male and female as you go through puberty, but that doesn't mean anything. I fooled around with several friends when I was your age and they all married women and had families. I went the other way, so to speak, *chkl*. Give it time and it will explain itself. There isn't any rush, since this isn't a race.
The best thing I would recommend, though is to be careful and check into age of consent laws in your area. Don't do anything with anyone that could be risky for both of you in every sense of the word. Be safe and good luck.
Im attracted to fat hairy old men, is there something wrong with me?
lately i've been feeling attracted old men. THE QUESTION SAYS IT ALL ;) please help????!!!!!! ILY guys!! xx mwa
There is a group of people who find older people more attractive. A cousin of mine married early 20s to a guy of 45 and they are a very happy couple with guys. It's what's right for you that's important as everyone should have a partner that they like not what others think is right. You don't give your age but if you are under the age of consent in your state or country and are caught having had sex with an adult then he will go to prison and likely you will have a very nasty day telling what happened to a court room full of people, with a police prosecutor and a defence lawyers asking the most intimate questions about sex between you and the guy.
Why do fat old men like walking around naked in the lockeroom?
Do those fatties old hags feel no embarrassment or something? Whenever I'm in the locker room changing or peeing, there it is; a really fat, hairy old man walking with his balls hanging out.

If I talk to the gym people about this, do you think they would help with such vile behaviors?
There should be no embarrassment walking around naked at a gym !!
This is very natural and okay under these circumstances.
I have belonged to a gym for years and I have discovered that Europens and Asians have less qualms about nakedness that WASPS.
I think the gym management would laugh at you, but go ahead and tell them you are grossed out just to see what happens.
As a 24 year old hairy man, should I wax or shave body hair, and which areas do I need to do it to? ?
I have a hairy back, chest and legs, and am thinking of waxing or shaving. I seem to be the only person my age at the gym who isn't hairy! Do I need to wax/shave my legs and arms as well? Ladies opinions really appreciated!
I can only speak for myself personally:
Hair in the front of the body and arms/legs is OK. Trim it short. Don't let chest hair sprout out from a v-neck or open neck shirt.

Hair on the back, shoulders, back of the neck and butt - wax it. It gets less painful with time.

Also pay attention to ear and nose hair too, buy a trimmer.
Why does my 2 inch get hard when i see a fat old hairy man?
Please i would really like this to go away. Thank you.
Kelsey turned you gay?
I love hairy/older men and like i dont know y?
ok im 16 and like i wanna know if i have a problem because i love hairy/older men or if it is normal? and does it make me gay? please let me know if it is a problem because i wanna know.
You seem to be attracted to older men, so that would make you gay.

Unless you're sexually attracted to females too, which would make you bisexual.

For someone who is gay or bi, I don't think there's anything wrong with liking older men. I'm kind of the same. I'm 15 (and gay), and generally find men more attractive than guys my own age.
I love older/hairy men and i dont know why?
i am 16 and like i wanna know if i have a problem because i have a thing for older/hairy men. and i would also want to know like why i have this problem.
ewww wtf...
that's like reverse pedifile.

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